Family trip and toddler friendly Wellness weekend in Germany <3

It’s a perfect moment for a short break. Although our holiday is planned for the end of September, a relaxed getaway was definitely a priority. I was just in need of a spa and a big massage! Looking so last minute, it was a challenge finding a free spot anywhere. Luckily, from a Luxembourgish point of view, we are situated in the heart of Europe and I found a wellness center only one hour away in Germany.

Check-in & pool area
Last Saturday, early afternoon, we arrived at Weiskirchen Parkhotel. A four-star hotel somewhere in the Saarland.  We booked a junior suite which is fantastic with kids, because of it has two rooms. That means we could actually sleep separate from our kids and only had to open a door to get to them again.littlelux lion toddlertravel

After the check-in we had a little drink at the bar, while our 20-month-year old toddler was playing with duplo. The best part about the hotel for kids is the pool area. With two big toddler pools and a huge bubble bath/pool, you can easily float hours away.littlelux lion toddlertravel

We also booked directly a (free of charge) late check-out at 3 pm on Sunday. This way we could easily enjoy our time and spend a little extra wellness time during their afternoon nap. Just one at the time we visited as we couldn’t leave our kids of course going to a spa together. A babysit service would be an asset to this hotel that is so well prepared for kids ;-).

The food
Because of our last minute booking, the restaurant was fully booked unfortunately. However, we could sit down at the Brasserie for some simple food and they offer a nice kids menu. It is a spot for a quick dinner or lunch which could be just all you need with small kids. Next time I would definitely go for the restaurant as the menu and the atmosphere looked tempting. Maybe our next visit I would wait until the kids are asleep (and use a baby monitor) so you can really enjoy a romantic getaway. Instead, I took my moment and immediately went to the wellness center after diner as they both slept quickly. Also not too bad…..

The following morning we enjoyed the restaurant for breakfast. The breakfast is great! The Germans always seem to be quite good at it… The service, the staff and the wide choice of fresh food provide an excellent start of the morning.

Besides the duplo corner and the pool area, they also provide a playground for kids. With a sunny day ahead, our little lion went outside for some playtime in the adjacent garden that has a large and great equiped playground. For kids that are a little bit older, we saw a midget golf club across the street.

The spa/wellness
The main reason we went was because of the wellness center. I was surprised, because it littlelux lion toddlertravelwas a lot bigger and better organised than I expected it to be. With different sauna’s inside and outside and a large garden area, it was actually big enough to call it a true wellness center, not too crowded (even on a Saturday) and wide enough to have sufficient relaxing corners. We both booked massages at the sauna area and were happy about it. The massage is only 22 euro per half hour and was actually quite good. So I came back the next day for an extra hour, to really lose up!

The end/our reflection
We were really happy about the hotel, because:

  • It’s only one hour drive from Luxembourg
  • A good combination of a kids friendly hotel and true wellness center
  • The staff was extremely friendly and helpful

What did we miss?

  • I would like a babysit service, so you can add some romantic quality time together (for example during their nap time).littlelux lion toddlertravel

Holiday: 7 ways to prevent your kid from car heat stroke

Reading newspapers about hot summer days gives lots of joy, but sometimes also some sadness. Especially articles about car heat strokes and babies. Luckily some articles have a good ending, but unfortunately not all. It is interesting taking a closer look how you can prevent yourself from this situation and here are some tips I found on the internet:

Facts about car heat stroke

  • With an outside temperature of 24 degrees celsius, the temperature in the car can rise to 31 degrees Celsius and two hours later even to 36 degrees. If you arrive at your car after six hours, the temperature in the car can even be increased to 50 degrees;
  • Between 1990 and 2016 775 children died in the USA because of  car heat stroke;
  • There are developments for reminder systems in cars, only not yet available in Europe.

Tips to prevent car heat stroke

  1. Never leave your baby alone in the car
    You might consider to leave your baby if you only have a quick car stop for five or ten minutes. However, please remember how fast temperatures rises in your car, even when you’ve opened a window slightly. The body temperatures of babies rises faster than a mature person and a body temperature of 42 degrees can be fatal. If the temperature in the car can increase 6 degrees in one hour, what does it mean in a baby’s body?
  2. Keep something you need in the backseat
    Put your cell phone, briefcase, computer, lunch, ID badge, left shoe, or anything essential to your daily routine beside your child.
  3. Cover your windscreen with a screen
    In winter, screens are handy to prevent scratching when it has frozen; in summer it keeps warmth out. It does not prevent the indoor temperature from rising, but keeps the contact temperature of the dashboard, the steering wheel and the seats lower.Tip: Cover buckles and other items that can get hot with a towel when you leave the car.


  4. Always allow children to wear clothes in the car. Ensure that children wear a layer of clothing in the car to prevent the skin from coming into direct contact with a glowing hot buckle. Also wearing clothes is safer in case of a collision; The belt can cut into the skin or provide abrasion and burns when carried directly over the skin. Maxi cosi has some proctectors for use of the seat belts. These protectors prevent friction between the skin and the belts. Belt protectors are also available for the standard seat belt. Ideal for children sitting in a car seat group 2 or on an enhancer. These “mature” belt protectors are also available in a thicker version, useful when your child falls asleep in the car.
  5. Always lock te doors and keep the keys away
    In some cases, a child climbs into a car to play and is overcome by heat, becoming disoriented and thus unable to get out. To stop this from happening, you must always lock your car when parked.Keys should be kept out of the reach of children and if a child goes missing, cars and boots should be checked immediately.
  6. Use sun shades
    A wide sun shade on the rear door window can be very useful with babies sitting in the Maxi-Cosi on the back seat. Early in the morning or later in the evening the sun is low and shines exactly through the rear window in the face of your baby.
  7. Have a plan with a childcare provider
    Ask your babysitter or childcare provider to call you if your child hasn’t arrived as scheduled.

Holiday: toddler travel Autoroute du soleil to the Provence/Côte d’Azur, France

Our first family trip. What kind of traveling would be nice with a toddler and a baby? Our very first holiday, with one baby, was with an airplane and we enjoyed it very much. This time, having two kids, we are eager to discover how a trip to the south of France would be. On our way to the Provence/Côte d’Azur, we found some nice spots. In this blog I will highlight our favourites on the way!

Aire de Lloraine Sandacourt (100km from Nancy to Dijon)

This restaurant we mainly like because it has everything for a stop to eat and change a toddler/baby. It has a small playground inside and a spacious changing room for toddlers, including a toddler toilet.

Littleluxlion.wordpress.comMoreover the restaurant is very clean which I find the most important. For meal orders they have a promo for kids €4,90 including water, dessert and a surprise. Besides that; make sure you order seperately with your partner, as the
ticket had a discount for the next visit of €3,-. You can use it directly on the order of your partner

littleluxlion.wordpress.comAire de Repos de Jugy, A6 to the South, between Chalon en Macon

This is the parking-lot for children! Up to the age of 12, they can enjoy themselves in a mushroom themed area. There is a large playground full of mushrooms and slides for children to climb on and play. Side note: It can get quite busy here and there is no restaurant.

Auberge de Moulin for tasty meals between Lyon & Valence

We got of the highway to find a place for a good French lunch. By chance we found  Auberge du Moulin in St Sorlin en Valloire. It’s just a small detour and worth it. Very tasty meals, excellent service, a high chair and some green gras to run around for our toddler.

Chambre d’hôtes close to Valence

We spent our first night in a chambre d’hôtes on a farm in the Ardèche, close to Valence. We are immediately overwhelmed by the fantastic view and the relaxing spirit. The kids and you will have an amazing time with the animals. And you will love the hosts and their delicious homemade and regional dishes.

This is truly where holiday begins. The table d’hôte is definitely a recommendation. Costs only € 20,-.




How we enjoyed our holiday in the Provence/Côte d’Azur, will be blogged soon!