With the summer holiday almost over, it’s time to get some new things done. Chloé is seven months old now and giving birth to her back in the Netherlands, feels like ages ago. Especially when I think about what happened afterwards. Let me summarise my accomplished goals:

  • Selling house in the Netherlands
  • Moving to Luxembourg
  • Creating a network in Luxembourg
  • Setup a personal blog
  • Develop myself in marketing/social media skills by helping a friend for a foodtruckbooking website
  • Finding a creche for the two little lions (Jules started 1st of July and Chloé started this week)
  • Getting ready to go back to work
  • Start exercising again (weekly yoga in Kirchberg)
  • And last but should be first: Enjoying my two little lions and taking care of them (nearly fulltime)

Luxembourg has been good to me, and I have found a way of living here. Though, I must admit I miss my hometown (Rotterdam) and my friends and family there. Now I am ending the breastfeeding of Chloé, I noticed that I also would like to spend more time out of the house and discover what Luxembourg offers at night or in the weekend without kids. I haven’t been away long from Chloé (max 3 hours) and though it’s not easy, I do feel the need to spend some time by myself to relax.

Luckily some fun stuff is organised now! Every two weeks I go out for dinner with my sister-in-law and truly love it. Besides that, I enjoy the weekly coffee dates with some new friends and am blessed with the arrival of a new neighbour with whom I can easily talk to for hours and have fun conversations with.

So, what’s next on my list?

  • Professionalising my blog website
  • Getting started at work
  • Finalise the emigration with some unfinished details
  • First family holiday (in Italy)
  • Ibiza with the girls
  • Finding a balance in being at home, working, enjoy time with my partner, enjoying family time with the kids and enjoying time with friends out of the house
  • Finding a balance in going back and forth to the Netherlands and seeing friends and family
  • Exploring the house market in Luxembourg for our family
  • Forecasting my goals for 2018!

For now, I think that’s enough. It’s not easy to have so many life changing events at once. With accomplishing the goals mentioned, it also takes some time to process it all. I am determined to relax more and also to focus on the priorities to really be successful, happy and healthy.

It is and will be an exciting year. Being a stay-at-home mom really gave me the opportunity to see the little lions growing up and bonding as a family. I will be excited seeing my little lions turning nearly one and two at the end of the year. For sure I will miss them as they will spend more time at the creche towards the end of the year. How I love them and how they are giving me wings to fly and strength to build….

For now I can say… I AM BACK IN BUSINESS!