It’s a very odd time capsule that I feel myself being sucked into. It’s like the movie “Back to the Future.” I just settled in my new future, but I’m still influenced by my past and travelling back and forth to the future in a Seat Leon instead of a Delorean.

It’s living in between countries, in between jobs, in between a house we own, in between my body recovering from pregnancy, or at least I hope that it is temporary. In between a creche for my kids, in between my true friends from the Netherlands and building up true friendship(s) in Luxembourg.

Have you ever felt that in between?

What does one do to let that feeling  go away? You can see this from several points of view. Glass half full/half empty kind of thing. In between can mean all options are open and you can experience enormous freedom. On the otherhand ‘all options’ are  a lot. So you might as well feel a bit squized into nomansland as well.


Statue of Willem I in Luxembourg



Statue of Willem I in The  Netherlands

With travelling “back in time” to the Netherlands this week, I will set the first steps with closing the deal of my sold house and some final appointments for my kids.

The next week I should put on my self lacing Nikes, get in the Seat Deleorean and gain some energy and decisiveness like thunder and lighting to help me get “back” into the future.

On the other hand, maybe I must not expect to be in a fully settled future at once. Maybe some things will occur with the energy of thunder and lightning. But maybe a lot of things just need time to pass by instead of heading there at once. Only time will tell.