Ode to my baby

From the moment you decided to come, you were just so calm and easy, though decisive and quick.

You announced your arrival perfectly. After daddy’s final work day for the coming month and while the first water broke whilst I was on the toilet. After that subtile hello, you waited a few hours so I could easily put your brother to bed and getting ready for the hospital. Immediately after your brother was asleep, the first contraction started. But for the strong ones, you waited until we were in the hospital. Though, it went very prosperous; It only took 5 hours in total.

Little, precious, beautifully baby with lots of black hair: Chloé.  It suits you. I see a humble, precious, beautiful little girl. A brilliant observer, clear, happy, calm and strong. The first weeks the only place you wanted to sleep was on my breast. You needed to gain weight. But how you have grown! And still we are so physically connected by many trips in the sling.

May life give you the optimal circumstances to develop your talent, remain your health and keep that beautiful smile of yours.




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