I always worked with bucket-lists and was able to cross items off. Went on a trip around the world, took a course in developing documentaries, bought myself a house, went abroad alone and have accomplished the career I wanted. Writing this down makes me realise a lot of things can happen and be accomplished. And still aiming for many dreams to come true. Only a lot less time nowadays to even think about them.

Finally, I found an article that suits me. It was just the opposite of making a bucket-list. As I will fail on making and executing one at the moment. Good god, I am already hesitating about my sons creche for weeks, so reaching for more goals just hardly fits me right now.

Finally someone (not me) invented the f**k-it-list. That sounds like one big relief.

What should be on the list wasn’t explained, not sure if I find that important. What I do think is that sometimes it helps to reset your mind, by not looking to the future or what’s not here. It’s hard though. Everyday there are so many impulses and distractions. A moment of peace and rest, besides a powernap or sleep, is almost impossible for me. The kids or a lack of time aren’t just to blame for that. It’s also the temptation of the mobile phone that is always there to have a look at. Writing down to do’s in my iPhone notes, checking out what’s going on in email, Facebook and WhatsApp. Luckily the sun is out and being outside of the house does help to decrease the amount of time on my phone. Without too many distractions and impulses, the opportunity to reflect on life and being thankful opens up.

That is where the f**k-it lists show up. Because all these lists make you (want to) think you are totally in control of life. You exactly know what’s happening around you. Well, you are not and you don’t know. I do believe you are able to influence circumstances and you must take responsibility for your life 100%. But f**k-it and let go of fake control. Influence circumstances as they occur, not hypothetically for the future. Try to see what choices you can make today and don’t mimer to much about the next weeks, months or years. Put some trust and a positive mindset in life and don’t forget to act as chances are passing by.

Maybe for now I should not have a bucket-list and let it go for a while. What will life bring if you are not trying to direct it with putting items on a list? What direction will you be led to?

With trust in life and a positive mindset instead of a list….. Let’s see what’s on!