About five years ago (totally different era), I had a vision about how I would be as a mother. Ideally a fulltime mom with a bunch of kids or a parttime job. They say dreams come true, they do. But was it really a dream, or has it become my worst nightmare?

Eventually a lot of things in life start with learning by doing. I believe so, and of course most cliches are somewhat true. But for me the learning path of becoming a temporary fulltime housewife is quite a journey. A journey whereto?

I do love the time I have to spend with my kids. Seeing them develop and growing up without the daily stress of going to the office, bring them to creche, hurry home, feed them and bringing them to bed is a relieve. Combining this with time to ground in Luxembourg, social networking and finding a creche makes me feel happy.

But then the household thing…. It’s just ins’t my cup of tea. How do people manage to wear clean clothes all day long with kids? How does one manage to keep the kids clothes clean after a(ny) meal? How do people find time to keep the whole house clean and organised? One big riddle, which I probably won’t find out before I will start working again.

Though what is perfection? I do like that my kids are relaxed. We have enough food everyday to feed the kids. And at least I manage to organise the laundry daily and am able to reduce it because of irreparable stains in clothing.

So for now for my standards I am the perfect housewife. And since my dreams continuously, in strange ways, come true I am of to bed for my next dream.