After driving 10 minutes without one sunglass and without even noticing, it was definitely time for a short break. In combination with al the must dos in the Netherlands to finalize the emigration, our trip to Rotterdam was a fact.

With a short trip, planning must be done. Actually, I find this the most challenging. I love to live life spontaneously. Make up my mind about what to do last-minute and how it feels. But since I moved, I noticed that almost every weekend until July is already planned with must dos, friends and family visits here and in the Netherlands.

Though the weekend was nearly fully booked, it still felt like a good break. It reminded me how energizing it is to undo patterns and daily matters. With a lunch, a surprise goodbye party and diner with family, the first day was a good start. A bad night with hungry and wetted kids couldn’t undo my energy for the next two days. It was absolutely a big plus that these days included spontaneous meetings with friends.

img_0624The return trip to Luxembourg went very prosperous with a sleepy boyfriend, sleepy kids and me wearing both glasses in my sunglasses. The next trip to the Netherlands will be one week the end of May with only the kids and I.

Looking forward to it with just a little planning ahead!