Yes! If I can recommend to anyone a time to move it’s definitely spring. A little bit of sunshine makes every change a little better and happier.

In my first week in Luxembourg I met a mother with her child at the hospital. She was very nice and suggested to introduce me to a Whatsapp mothers’ ‘Playgroup’. So last week, when the sun was out, there were a few moms & kids of the playgroup that met at Parc Merveilleux, a kind of small zoo/playground for kids. It really felt as an adventure, going there by myself and meet a group of people I had never met before. With the little one in the carrier, Jules in his discovery mode and all new impressions, connecting to  others is a little challenging now. It takes a few hours and a happy exhausted toddler before we get back home again. For me surviving these adventures really feels like passing through a jungle. I must be glad moved to Luxembourg instead of a real jungle ;-).

This Monday morning was the usual weekly meeting of the playgroup, where one mother hosted the meet up and we all came to her house. Wow! A whole bunch of moms and kids. Experienced moms bringing homemade banana bread, sweets and saying hello through singing songs for the kids. How nice and how I can learn a lot from them, so prepared and relaxed.

I hope the sun comes out way more often, so we can go out play, meet & greet people. It looks like people are very open to meet and with the spring around let the adventures begin!