Being a mom of two small childeren who only are 13,5 month apart can be quite challenging sometimes.

However, everyday the ‘big brother’ gives a hug and kiss to his so called “nana”. That is exactly what I hoped for when we decided to try for a second baby. Didn’t think it would happen that fast! Not complaining though, very happy with this outcome.

But still: Fun & challenging. 🙂


Here are my top subjects everyday to cope with:-):

  • When big brother gives a hug I do know this will end a lot of times still in an overenthusiastic smash on her and a scream. Trying to prevent this, however he’s just so fast;
  • It always looks like they are hungry at different times. I found a way to breastfeed Chloé from the carrier, so I can proceed my walk to the park, groceries or anything else;
  • If they start crying at the same time I just accept it and start with one at a time;
  • Walking with the stroller (Jules) and carrier (Chloé) is a little moment of peace. Also driving someplace can be extremely peaceful;
  • Maintaining some kind of rhythm does seem to work. So between 1 pm-3 pm letting Jules sleep and then, most of the time I get at least half an hour rest to eat some lunch, grab a coffee and do absolutely nothing.