Finding my way is actually going quite well. Whilst living in the Netherlands and preparing for the move, I tried some DuoLingo lessons French and looked up local gyms. But to be honest: I had no clue what to do from the moment I would cross the border.

It seems Luxembourg and/or Howald is super friendly for kids. Next to our house there are several playgrounds and it just hard to not see one whilst walking around. I know some friends of mine (with kids) from Rotterdam find it frightening to hear this. They already asked me where the best bar was close to my house.

Come out and play!

The past weeks I tried to be outside as much as I could. I wanted to find my way as soon as possible without being hooked to Google maps finding my way home.  In the two weeks I hung out at the park, it was interesting to see how easy it was to make a connection and a chit chat. Maybe it helps that I meet so many people from all over the world here?

I skipped, obviously, the gym for now.  French, I must keep excercising. The park is a good way to connect and with the little one running around all the time, who needs a gym?