The first week and a half is a fact. Yes, I made it! A new house, new country, new everything actually.

Just moved to Luxembourg and I like it. Still kind of strange though. Only 2,5 months ago I gave birth to my daughter and lived in my lovely house in the Netherlands, which I sold to my neighbour. Paul, my boyfriend, went ahead one month before me to Luxembourg to start his new job. I used this time to prepare for the move and saying goodbye to (most of my) friends and family and selling my house.

My house in Rotterdam

Never thought life changing events could occur so rapidly. About two years ago I was single and living in my new house in Rotterdam. I bought the house a half year earlier and restyled it quite drastically. Figuring I would live there for the coming years and maybe together if I would meet someone to love. After a few unhappy months at my job, I quit and planned myself a trip to Vietnam. Here I wanted to make a documentary and do some rethinking about my life.

My “citytrip” to Hanoi, Vietnam

Before reaching my first destination after arrival in Hanoi I found out I was pregnant of a man I met one month before. Thus rethinking became reorganising my life.

We managed and commited. Now, two years later, we have two lovely kids and a new home in Luxembourg. My son, Jules, is a proud brother of 16 months and my daughter, Chloé, was born at the end of January 2017.

Jules & Chloé

With all this being said and feeling settled, it’s time to create new directions. I want to use my experience as an HR professional on talent development. Besides that I want to further develop my own talent of enjoying life to the fullest, creating concepts, blogs and sharing my life and kids’ life in Luxembourg.

Our view in Luxembourg